The story behind Showtail (sequel)

showtailverhaal2Petra: Passion for horses.

The driving force behind Showtail is Petra van Neerven. Petra is born in Helenaveen, a small village in nature "De Peel" in the province North-Brabant.

From the age of 4 years, she is busy with ponies and horses.

She has experience in several branches of equestrian:

  • driving: Shetland ponies
  • breeding: presentation on shows and participate on studbook inspections. Breeding horses
  • jumping: training ponies and horses to high level
  • dressage: training young horses to high level. Her current, 9 years old, horse is started ad ZZ-Zwaar level.

The busy sense with horses is purely a labour of love.

Professionel career and education.

  • Graduated in food technology at the agricultural college in 's Hertogenbosch, 1992.
  • Quality manager at "Victoria" Feed industry in Veghel, 1992 – 2008 (licensed GMP and HACCP status)
  • Teamleader planning and key-user SAP at Döhler-group in Roggel, 2008 – 20165
  • Manager Logistic and key-user SAP at Döhler-group in Roggel, 2016 – until today


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