Tail problems: thin, short or dissimilar

paardkortestaartTo which tail problems offers Showtail a solution?

Can I use Showtail on official contest and show?Using 100% natural extensions and additional horsetail are permitted under the regulations. In some cases a mandatory reporting is necessery.

Tail is too short

PaardmetextensionskopieIt may happen that your horse suddenly has almost no tail anymore. This is not visually appealing. What to do?
The tail hair is at least 8 cm or longer, you can easily lengthen the tail with extensions. In this way the horse gets his long tail back, so he can protect himself against insects again. In order to give the wohle tail a beautiful view, you can complement this with the Showtail Figaro or a Clip-in extension when you want to participate a event.
The tail hair is shorter than 8 cm, you can give the horse its tail back by putting in a Clip-in extension. This extension has only the functie to give the horse the opporunity to protect himself against insects. When you also want to achieve a show effect in this case, a Showtail Robinia may offer a solution.

Tail is too thin

You have a fantastic hose, good legwork, beautiful movements . . . only the tail is too thin in proportion. The horse looks therefor not balanced. A thin tail may have 3 causes:
A. Frequently swinging of the tail, the horse loses his tail hair faster. In this case Showtail Robinia offers a good solution;
B. The horse has a weak hairline of its own, making the hair fall out quickly. Here Showtail Robinia, Figaro or the  Clip-in extension can be a solution;
C. The horse has a naturally thin hair implant, causing the tail remains thin. Here every Showtail can provide a solution but putting extensions is also a solution.

Tail is dissimilar

By using the Showtail Figaro or the Clip-in extension you can easily camouflage a dissimilar tail.

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