Fixations showtail

The additional tail will be fixated with different braiding techniques.

Each horse is built differently and moves different. Therefore it is important to see which technique gives the best results. Also important, the horse must feel comfortable with the chosen Showtail!
The fixings are sturdy and will, even if the horse swings with the tail, firmly stuck.

Showtail additional tail are available in 3 different models:


showtailbasisShowtail Cieni hangs directly below the tailbone. This tail includes a tunnel-opening through which a "lace" is achieved. The hair under the tailbone is first made to a long braid. In this braid a 2- or 3-double knot is made. Wrap the tunnel-opening of the Showtail over the knot. Close the tunnel-opening with the lace. In this way, the additional tail, hangs in its own tail. Because the hair of its own tail is covering the additional tail, this Showtail is not visible. If the hair of its own tail is too short for a long braid, we use a braided ring instead of a triple knot. The Showtail is then slid over this ring.

Showtail Cieni is ideal for filling up the tail.