Showtail additional horsetail

staart600Showtail 100% natural additional tail for horses.
The Showtail additional horsetail is used only at the time that one has to perform. The tail is put in its own tail short for the event and afterwards removed again. In this way, the burdening in its own tail is minimized. The Showtail additional horsetail is made from tails of deceased horses: Donor tail. This donor tail has been prepared and tanned, in which the original hair implant is maintained. After this treatment the tail can be processed up to 3 possible models:Cieni; Robinia; Figaro. A donor tail is thus whole processed into an additional tail. In this manner all the natural properties of the donor tail is maintained. The additional tail is fixed through braiding techniques in the horse's tail. Depending on the length of the tail, it may or may not need to use devices, such as hooks and eyelets. Because of this braid technique the additional tail stays in place an takes over the natural movement and attitude of its own tail.   > Look at different models