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Petra & Showtail: The story behind Showtail

An annoying incident creates a wonderful product

Why does a horse have a tail?

A horse in motion uses his tail as a balance stick, to keep his balance. Also the horse uses his tail to express himself. A horse "speaks" with his tail. On the basis of the position of the tail can be read his state of mind. Of course the tail is also an effective whisk! In short, a tail is a horse worth a lot. A horse without – or short – tail can be reckoned as slightly handicapped.

Better, prettier and more natural.

After being confronted with a short tail, at her own horse, Petra started a search for opportunities to give her horse his functional tail back. The world of extensions and additional horsetails opened up for Petra. Her own creativity and perfectionism went creasy with her: that can be better, prettier, more natural! The conventional additional tails are also made of real horsehair, but put on a carrier. Petra quickly came up with the idea to prepare tails of deceased horses and process them to the additional horsetail. It could not be better: the shape, de hair density, grain.... is maintained as it is by nature. With her acknowledgement and experience of acquaintances she developed her ultimate additional horsetail: Showtail. The not really distinguishable tail. A tail which keeps his original qualities. > next page