Extensions for horses

Showtail-Extensions-voor-en-na-300.pngA perfect solution to lengthen the tail for longer time.

Does your horse have, by circumstances or of herself, a short or thin tail and you want te give your horse its fuctional tail back for a longer time? Then extensions are a solution. Extensions are extremely sitable to lenghten the tail.

As with the additional horsetail, the extentions come from treated donor tails. The hair, using for extensions in 1 horsetail, all comes from 1 donortail. Partly due to the fact, all used hair are no sorting of various tails, the natural look of its own tail is maintained as much as possible.

In extensions we can make a distinction between two versions: Weaving and Clip-in

Weaving: Small locks of tailhair are braided in its own tail. On location, the required hair is removed from the donortail and put into its own tail, on the same location in the tail as it was on the donortail. These extensions remain 6 to 8 months in the tail. The horsetail with extensions can be treated the same as before.

Clip-in: These are small hairpieces (toupee) attached to the existing tail with a clip. This clip is used daily. The Clip-in extension is great if you want to give the tail a little more volume.

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