Prices & delivery times

metenHow expensive is an additional horsetail or putting extensions?


Showtail additional horsetail Prices vary by model: Showtail Cieni     : from € 300,00* Showtail Robinia : from € 350,00* Showtail Figaro   : from € 350,00* *Additional to the chosen model, the extra price depends on the desired thickness and length of the tail. Showtail extensions Showtail Weaving: The price is depending on how many extensions must put in. The price of one extension is € 6,50 Showtail Clip-in: The price of this extension is dependent upon the size and length. This extension is available from € 50,00. All prices are exclusive VAT and possible travel costs.


The delivery time of a Showtail additional horsetail or Clip-in extension is 4 weeks, if this is not the case, the delivery time will be 8 weeks or more. If you decide, after fitting a tail, to purchase a Showtail, then there is a prepayment of 40% of the agreed price required. > next page